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Sales / Rental (Brand new & 2nd hand)

Leasing / Financing

Maintenance & repair

Periodical testing

preventive maintenance

Internal / External cleaning

spare parts

Accessories / IoT

Spill containment bund, Stirrer, GPS / sensors (filling level, temperature etc.. )

buyout container fleet

We are proud to be able to offer you a wide range of services, starting with the possibility of acquiring the equipment, or simply having it at your disposal (in the form of medium or long-term rental)

When the equipment is put at your disposal, we can manage not only the regulatory maintenance, but also all the curative maintenance (repair), the implementation of a preventive maintenance according to your needs (and on site, thanks to mobile teams of proximity), the cleaning of your tanks (interior and exterior, with delivery of a European certificate, as well as a certificate of seals if necessary – Kosher / Halal on request)

After sales services

In the event of any damage to the container (IBCs), minor or major, our teams will direct you towards the most appropriate solution: transfer of the material to one of our depots, or sending the part for replacement on site. All safety measures are taken into account in the choice of the solution that will be offered to you.


Depending on the needs of each industrialist, the need to implement preventive maintenance (specifications and cycle to be defined by the customer) can be a strategic choice: example: particularly aggressive products such as sauces (ketchup) or any other salty products – checking of the draining organs, safety, and replacement of the seals after X rotation, etc.


Cleaning inside and outside IBCs may be necessary when changing products, in order to keep the merchandise in its original state, whether it is food, cosmetics, or paint. The preservation of the purity of your products is a guarantee of quality and loyalty to your customers (final consumers)

We take care of a thorough cleaning according to the rules of the art, with our partners having the latest generation machines.

At the end of the cleaning, and according to your recommendations of use, we transmit you an official certificate using the European standards.

Tracking / Tracing & Monitoring

Tracking / Tracing and remote monitoring of your goods is a tool that allows you to control the logistics of your IBCs. The internet of things (connected objects) allows you to have important information to inform your customers, in real time of the routing of containers, but also to identify potential hazards incurred during transport (drop in temperature of the product during transport, thanks to this information, the goods are not lost, or to make reserves with proof if detection of shocks during routing or on site etc. multiple uses are offered to you according to your needs)

Buyout of your IBC fleet

You wish to sell your IBC fleet for many reasons: old containers, need for replacement, or change of strategy, other mode of transport, etc. Do not hesitate to consult our teams for a buy-back study of your fleet.