Stainless steel Packaging

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food & beverage

Aseptic, sterilizable container allowing quick unloading of products thanks to air or nitrogen pressure.



UN approved stainless steel containers, allowing the transport or storage of your hazardous materials in complete safety.



Suitable tank for cosmetic products, usable with pressure up to 3 bar, in order to guarantee a complete unloading of your high added value products.


Paint & Coating

Cylindrical containers perfectly suitable and designed for industrial and automotive paints, with the possibility to easily integrate an agitator.


Various Applications

Versatile UN Electric heated & insulated container, suitable for various applications, both in the food industry, and chemical industry; allowing a temperature control both thanks to its insulation, and a precise setting of the product temperature.

Our Core business

Metalic Packaging

Standard & Tailor made containers

Standard or customised stainless steel container (IBC) solutions

TEMMODAL provides standard or customized stainless steel container & packaging solutions (CE or UN – ADR/RID/IMDG approved), dedicated to a wide range of liquid goods (classified as dangerous or not within the transport regulations) for purchase or medium / long term rental.

The main industries in which we operate are :

Food, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Painting / coating

Benefits of stainless steel ibcs


Preservation of the physical and chemical
chemical properties of your goods (UV protection)

Robust & easy to handle

compact size, Stackable / optimal footprint

Optimized dimensions  for road transport        (semi-trailer)
or dry container (20′, 40′, HC 40′)

High fire resistance

Allowing sufficient reaction time for safe intervention

Ecological and environmentally friendly ..............fully recyclable.............

TEMMODAL is supplied only by eco-responsible suppliers,
We try to do our utmost to be part of a sustainable development approach

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